52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos


17. High Above (Week 6)

“Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man…. Landing is the first!”   ~ Anonymous ~


1920’s to 1940’s biplanes take off from the grassy runway and then fly in formation during the Flying Circus Airshow in Bealeton, Virginia, while back on the ground, the day’s announcer holds his straw hat high above his head to see them off.




During the National Anthem a man parachutes down holding an American flag.  For  the next hour and a half, we were part of a small crowd below enjoying the Sunday afternoon show.   The show includes formation flying, aerobatics, skydivers, and wingwalkers.   The announcer and the skits were entertaining. The pilots take turns attempting to pop balloons that are released – and we enjoyed a skit of a plane “bombing” an outhouse in the middle of a grassy field and startling the person inside as the walls fell down.




We kept our eyes on the sky as we watched biplanes freefall for us from 3,000 feet up.




The acts finished with a plane making a pass as a wingwalker steps out of the cock pit and walks on the wing;  as the grand finale, the wingwalker stands on top of the top of the plane.




Before and after the show, guests may purchase a ticket to take a ride in one of the brightly painted red, yellow, or blue vintage open-cockpit planes.