52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

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A1. Black and White (Week 16)

“The way I see it
Isn’t necessarily
The way you see it
Or the way it is
Or ought to be

What’s more important
Is that we’re all
Looking for it
And a way to see it”

~ Desi Di Nardo ~ #293 from Starbucks ‘quotes on cups’  The Way I See It  campaign

When I saw the Black and White cookie at Starbucks as I treated myself to a fall pleasure of a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino at lunch today, I thought “why not?”  Why not round out a meal with a cookie I’ve never tried before so I can fulfill one of our photo challenge themes?  So I stepped up to the challenge.  Hey – don’t judge!


Starbucks photo


If you thought that was a lame excuse for the black and white theme, look what my other consideration was!