52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos


27. Lost/Forgotten Items (Week 21)

I could not give you a list of things I got as gifts when I was a child, but certain memories do stand out.  Most often, they are togetherness moments, memories of fun shared, and things done together. “ ~ Christmas quotes ~

Bringing the ornaments out and packing them away again evokes so many memories.  It’s fun to remember where this one or that one came from and to think “oh, I had forgotten this one.”  This is a time to bring up the memories.  Our tree is a bit of a map of our life.  The oldest ornament on our tree is a bird that my husband’s Mom Laura gave to him when he was a baby.


I think of my sister Linda and her husband Jim when I add the ornaments that they have given us over the years to our tree.


I have a friend Cathy who reminds me how special friendships are by including an ornament in our gift exchange every year.


And Greg and I try to pick up something on our vacations, so we can enjoy, again,  places we’ve been and moments we’ve shared.


But, to me, the most cherished of all are the ornaments my husband and I have picked out together to honor our years together.