52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos


29. On Two Wheels (Week 21)

I spotted this bicycle with all of the bells downtown this weekend.  I do not know the story – do you?



from Worldwide Cycling Atlas:

Welcome to Biketopia.

Ride a bike.
And discover it’s not only a form of transportation,
neither a way of life.
Look around. It’s a common pleasure.
Something the richest person on earth
and the most humble man can both enjoy.
And when you enjoy something,
pleasure turns into energy.
Energy that not only takes you from one place to the other,
but also turns the world into a better place.
A place where everybody chooses to burn calories
over burning fuel.
Where people make things happen
instead of clicking the “Like” button.
Where the thing you love the most
can push you forward.
Finding this place is up to you.
It’s not on your couch,
It’s not on TV.
It’s not at your door.
It might be hard to imagine two wheels and a chain making a difference.
But we do.