52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos


20. I Wish I Could / I’m Sorry I Did. (Week 34)

There is no honour among thieves.”  ~ American Proverb ~


The Motormaid group I’m in is having their annual Spring Fling in Sarasota this weekend.  In preparation for that I’ve made a few props I thought would go along with our Beatlemania theme.




Painting over your security sign is not a good idea. We don’t actually have a security system so I thought the burglars would not be fooled by a sign. Yesterday our house was robbed.

(Not the best photo, then again, my frame of mind isn’t the sharpest right now!)

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14. Here’s Your Sign (Week 10)

“Formula for success:  rise early.  work hard.  strike oil. “ ~ J. Paul Getty ~

When my son, Brian,  opened his independent insurance office in Sarasota, he wanted the name of his family owned and operated business to be a household word.  Doesn’t everyone call their Insurance Man?


He enlisted the help of his father-in-law, Tom Armstrong, to come up with his logo.  Being the creator of Marvin Comic Strip and numerous other projects, he rose to the task.


And then our good friend, John Mote, of Mote Quality Signs took care of the rest with his sandblasting, graphics, and etching.