52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

16 thoughts on “23. Letters (Week 11)

  1. now that is very creative. good job!

  2. YES, I see it and I think you are a very creative person!

  3. Very clever. Most of those places are ok with you taking photos. There are framing stores that will do the 5 openings.

  4. You are one smart cookie since this was such a smart way to present this theme. Bravo!

  5. Well done and creative.

  6. Love it. I want an entire alphabet just for yuks and jollies – if you see any more letters I’m interested

  7. Really creative. I love taking pictures at the salvage places downtown. The owners are usually really accomodating.

  8. I actually have a frame that I ordered from http://www.framethealphabet.com. I loved it so much I gave 2 more as gifts. I’d love to go out & get creative & take pictures of letters through our travels.

  9. Marie, this is a fabulously creative idea! Love it!

  10. Love it! Hope you have framed it!

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