52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

23. Letters (Week 11)



My name is  _________

I was recently at Architectural Salvage and I thought it would be interesting to find the letters in my last name amongst the objects in the warehouse.  Can you see LOUGH?


16 thoughts on “23. Letters (Week 11)

  1. now that is very creative. good job!

  2. YES, I see it and I think you are a very creative person!

  3. Very clever. Most of those places are ok with you taking photos. There are framing stores that will do the 5 openings.

  4. You are one smart cookie since this was such a smart way to present this theme. Bravo!

  5. Well done and creative.

  6. Love it. I want an entire alphabet just for yuks and jollies – if you see any more letters I’m interested

  7. Really creative. I love taking pictures at the salvage places downtown. The owners are usually really accomodating.

  8. I actually have a frame that I ordered from http://www.framethealphabet.com. I loved it so much I gave 2 more as gifts. I’d love to go out & get creative & take pictures of letters through our travels.

  9. Marie, this is a fabulously creative idea! Love it!

  10. Love it! Hope you have framed it!

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