52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

15. Faces in Everyday Places – Pareidolia (Week 10)


A pedestrian is someone who thought there were a couple of gallons left in the tank.”   ~ Author Unknown ~

On a visit to Circus City Salvage downtown, I spotted this car in the back lot and felt like it resembled a friendly face.


As I stepped back to take that photo, I saw this car, too.  Doesn’t it look like an oldtimer?


Meanwhile, back at work, we have a new-hire with a great sense of fun!  Look what she drives!


22 thoughts on “15. Faces in Everyday Places – Pareidolia (Week 10)

  1. yes – top one friendly face – rosy cheeks and a smile! 2nd one perhaps a little grumpy?! and wow just love the lashes!!

  2. They all are interesting in their own way but my favorite is Ms. Long Lashes.

  3. Good finds all the way around. ☺️

  4. They definitely have faces! My old Taurus has Betty Boop’s face so that became “her” name.
    I’ve been anxious to see what folks would post for this theme..good catch!!

  5. I like the VW the best! Great series of images.

  6. The second car looks so sad.

  7. Wonderful post, Marie. I love the “Rusty” “Old Timer” and the sparkly flirty bug made me smile.

  8. Sometimes car faces can get smashed in. Sad

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