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41. Shades of Gray (Week 8)


“Many men go fishing all of their life without realizing it is not fish that they are after.” ~ Henry David Thoreau~


To see a bit of Old Florida, venture out to the working waterfront of Cortez.  This weathered gray shack is up on stilts in the waterway behind the historic Cortez Fishing Village.  I still haven’t quite figured it out, but it presents a great photo op!


Cortez Fishing Village was founded in the 1880’s.  It is one of the last remaining fishing villages in the state and it provides much of the grouper and shrimp that is served in local restaurants.  This 2 mile square settlement has offspring of the original settlers living in the 1920 bungalos along the narrow streets.  All of the original families that arrived here from the southern edge of the Outer Banks of North Carolina to escape the Atlantic hurricanes still have a representatives here in the fishing industry.

19 thoughts on “41. Shades of Gray (Week 8)

  1. love both shots but especially the angled one. perfect!

  2. We enjoy going to Cortez Village. It’s a step back in time for us.

  3. Great pick for the theme, I assume you were standing in a boat when you took the shot of the tilted horizon. 8>)

  4. Love this old fishing house and really great shots!

  5. Where is that? All my years of living in Florida and I have never heard of it!

    • It is in Bradenton. The village is on the south side of Cortez Road as you approach the bridge heading out to Bradenton Beach/Anna Maria Island. There are so many towns and spots in Florida that I am still discovering, too – and we mostly hear about them by word of mouth, don’t we? That’s one reason I love these blogs!

  6. I went on a tour out of there and the captain told us that many years ago there was an entire village of those huts, actually used as homes, out there but several storms took them out.

    • Very interesting! They probably thought that alcove was safe. It’s surprising there is one remaining. I saw a boat tied up to it one day and someone was in it. It may be for some kind of fishing equip. storage.

  7. I have photographed this many times and never realized it would be a way to illustrate Shade of Grey. Great choice!

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