52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

37. Part of a Whole (Week 5)


Apple Magic”  by Margaret Hillart

In every single apple lies

A truly magical surprise.

Instead of slicing down,

slice through

and watch the star

appear for you!


While we were at the friend’s house that I mentioned last week with the rusty train accent piece, I also spotted this large bold sculpture on the coffee table.  I knew we had “Part of a Whole” on our 52 Week Photo Challenge list, so I told him I needed to take a photo of his apple sculpture, too!


14 thoughts on “37. Part of a Whole (Week 5)

  1. He’s going to start charging you for props. haha Great shot & smart!!

  2. You need to hang around this person more often and you’ll be through this entire 52 themes in no time. I had to do a double take … it looks so real.

  3. I thought it was real too and then notice the odd texture inside the apple. What an interesting sculpture.

  4. Very cool sculpture and friend. Nice shot.

  5. Good thinking, Marie! Interesting piece.

  6. it fooled me! nice idea.

  7. wow – looks totally real!

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