52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

26. Mealtime (Week 2)


“Dogs have owners.  Cats have staff.”  ~ Anon ~

First come, first served!


15 thoughts on “26. Mealtime (Week 2)

  1. Funny. So who eats first , the dog or cat?

  2. Looks like a stand off. Who won?

  3. Funny!! – bit mean too!! – one each next time!

  4. The dog ate first, the cat just watched him disdainfully!
    Great capture

  5. In my house the dogs are trained not to eat our food but this has never worked on the cats….so the cat would eat it and the dogs would look on mournfully!

  6. This just made me laugh out loud! You must really trust your furry buddies to leave that on the table.

  7. Very cute! Made me go awwwww…. ☺️

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