52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

41. Single Color on Black and White (Week 43)


“All the news that’s fit to print” ~ motto for the New York Times

While my husband and I were visiting the Universal theme parks in Orlando this past weekend, we wanted to keep a lookout for Marvin.  Our son’s father-in-law, Tom Armstrong, is the artist of the Marvin comic strip and we were told that a representation of his work could be found at Islands of Adventure Park.  As we rounded a corner we knew we were in the right place.  There’s a section called Toon Lagoon at the park – and there we found the precocious toddler as we looked up in the Comic Strip Café.  He was drawn in black and white, with his hair colored in.


Daily comics are usually in black and white, but the Sunday funnies are always in color.  Along the streets in Toon Lagoon we found many brightly colored characters from the King Features syndicated comic strips.  There’s a fountain with many dogs from the strips playing in the water that is escaping from a fire hydrant and Marvin, true to character, appears to be taking flight with his balloons.




7 thoughts on “41. Single Color on Black and White (Week 43)


    • He’s not in the Sarasota paper because of an obscure reference to a car dealer many years ago when the cartoonist was disgruntled. The cartoonist won a lawsuit, but the paper dropped the strip to retain their ad dollars.

  2. Great pictures and background.

  3. I recognize that scamp! Is Marvin your second nephew once removed or something like that?

    • Actually, My daughter-n-law’s father is the creator of the comic strip. Every now and then he sends out a little message in the strip – like on 11/11/11 when they got married and again on 3/30/14 when their son Graham was born. He lives in Lakewood Ranch.

  4. I’m sure you were thrilled to locate Toon Lagoon!

  5. I sort of remember this character. How nice you could find it at Universal.

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