52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

28. Natural Beauty (Week 37)


“Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.”  ~ Anthony J D’Angelo ~

Our son and his wife took my husband and I out on their boat, and as we were coming out of Palma Sola Bay, we were excited to spot a dolpin in the  wake.  I never tire of watching dolphins, so I kept an eye out to see where it would come up next.


Who can resist watching this “natural beauty” ??  Don’t you love that smile?!


And then another one came up in our wake!  It appeared that there were three that were following us.


As they continued to jump and glide on the one side of the boat, I snapped away, not knowing if I caught them or not.   I’ll admit that I had to delete more photos than I kept, but I was so happy to see the ones that captured their playfulness.


They followed us for quite a while and then slipped away.



13 thoughts on “28. Natural Beauty (Week 37)

  1. Fun shots Marie! They are so amazing.

  2. Wonderful to see … Lucky you!

  3. Wonderful photos, wonderful photos…nicely captured

  4. We used to have a boat and many times they were spotted following us. I never got tired of seeing them.

  5. Nice capture and back in the days of film cameras, boats that took you out to see the Dolphins called them film eaters, as people seldom got a photo but took tons of pictures trying. At the cost of developing film (and remember the rolls were 24 or 36 normally, there were lots of changing rolls).

  6. Awesome shots Marie

  7. Wonderful shots of these beautiful dolphins. Lucky you!

  8. Great shots. Also right place at the right time!!

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