52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

10. Family Table (Week 33)


~  With people you have known for years,

or with brand new friends,

 the fondest memories are made gathered around the table.  ~


Our second night in Natchez, Mississippi, Greg & I, the couple we traveled with, and a couple we hadn’t met yet moved to Bisland House.  Schelley, the coordinator of our “Maids on the Trace” event had arranged for all of the Motormaids and their traveling companions to soak in the historic atmosphere of Natchez by staying at one of the many houses and cottages in walking distance from downtown and not far from the bluffs of the Mississippi River.


The Bisland House on Commerce Street, was 3 blocks from downtown and 3 blocks from the bluff.  The Evergreen Cottage was located on Cemetery Road on the bluff.  The remaining accommodations were on Pearl Street, around the corner from us – Clarimount House, Savannah House, Emsley House, Marcia’s Cottage, and Evergreen Cottage.

After we all met for dinner at Roux 61,  we were to meet back on Pearl Street to pick up the commemorative red shirts and patches that we had ordered. IMG_5827

It was fun to look into the other houses.  The Savannah House was not new, but much of the building materials were from old Natchez structures and in 2009 won the Historic Natchez Award for New Construction in a Historic District.  The 1852 Planter’s Cottage known as the Elmsley House won the 2008 Historic Natchez Foundation Award for Restoration as the result of a 2007 renovation.

Our bed & breakfast, the Bisland House, was a Circa 1904 Colonial Revival Historic Home, listed on the National Register of Historic Homes.  We learned from our conversations with the current innkeepers, Byron & Christine Tims, that they bought the house after losing everything in a hurricane that swept through New Orleans, Louisiana.  Since their purchase, they’ve been renovating in stages and have filled the home with antiques and period pieces.







After a restful night, we looked forward to breakfast – this was a B&B, afterall!  When we sat down at the dining table, we felt like we were all at a family table as we all ate together and shared stories. Our innkeepers did not join us at the table, but they propped nearby as they served us and joined in our conversation.


With breakfast over, it was time to thank our innkeepers and start our journey up the Natchez Trace Parkway, but first they requested a picture of us all in front of Bisland House.


(L to R: Roy, Connie, Greg, Orlin, Me, Clara)


12 thoughts on “10. Family Table (Week 33)

  1. Great photos, loved the descriptions

  2. My wife has a wonderful gift of writing and telling the story. I could only wish I had the same. I love they way she takes her pictures and combines them with words to make a wonderful story for us to enjoy. This 52 week photo challenge has showen us her talents. People including myself watch her take the photos, then bring them to life with a story. Thank you Marie I enjoy your blogs. Greg

  3. It shows a lot of friendship and fun on your trips. That’s for sharing the B&B info.

  4. looks like a great trip with lots of friends. the best kind of trips to take

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun! Looks like you stayed at a great spot.

  6. Oh, how I love these old historic houses which have been turned into B&B’s. We are thinking about a similar trip and will keep the Bisland House in mind.

  7. Not all provided breakfast, but I think the price we paid reflected that. At least you have some of the names now! Our hotel on the river was really nice, too. I wish I would’ve had time for a guided carriage ride.

  8. These pictures could be advertisement!! Great job.

  9. Funny! I did a review on tripadvisor.com on this B&B, too – may even have added these pictures, I’m not sure!

  10. Great story again! The breakfast look yummy. Great shots.

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