52 week's of Marie's Life

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30. One Step at a Time (Week 31)


“Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton, Old times there are not forgotten. Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land!”   ~ Dixie lyrics ~

Since we were not meeting up with Motormaids for our motorcycle adventure until lunch on Friday of the Memorial Day weekend, we decided to cross the Natchez-Vidalia bridge into Louisiana and visit a plantation.  For those arriving early for “Maids on the Trace”, a well-prepared list was provided for sights in the area, as well as along the Trace.  Frogmore Plantation and Gin was highly recommended, so we added it to our itinerary.

Frogmore Plantation and Gin is a working cotton plantation.  We were greeted by the owner’s wife, Lynette Tanner, in costume from the period.  She took us on a tour of the property and explained the whole cotton process.  This building pictured is the one that housed the cotton gin.  And did you know that gin is short for engine?  We went upstairs in this building and learned the process of cotton, one step at a time, from picking the cotton, sending it through the historical steam engine to remove the seeds, to baling it for transport.


Aside from the buildings used for the cotton process, there were also preserved buildings from the area that the slaves had used – housing, laundry building, overseers house, to name a few.  Mrs. Tanner had done a tremendous amount of research and had written a book based on  interviews with slaves. Her interpretation of the life of the enslaved people was very informative;  Mrs. Tanner shared quite a bit about southern planters, overseers duties, slave labor, and how the Civil War impacted plantation life.

We did not see the modern part of the working plantation in this visit.  That would be another tour, another time.  If you’re in the area, allow two hours and take a step back into some history of the old south. There is more to learn here than you’d imagine.

13 thoughts on “30. One Step at a Time (Week 31)

  1. Nice photo, well documented

  2. Enjoyed reading the history

  3. It’s always nice to get the history of a taken photo ~ yours was lovely. Would Love to hear more about your bike trip and all encountered along the way, in words and pictures! 🙂

    • Thank you! Well, follow along for a bit because I’m excited to see, as I looking through my pictures, what themes of the photo challenge can fit into the story of this trip!

  4. This looks like a postcard…love it !!!

  5. Very nicely presented.

  6. Nice capture and very informative. Glad you had a nice stop on your tour, which sounded like it was fun.

  7. Interesting place to visit. Thanks for the background to the shot. It brings it alive.

  8. Very interesting! Short for engine… Never knew it! Good stuff!

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