52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

51. When the Wind Blows (Week 26)


“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.”  Matthew 10:29 NIV

As I was walking my dog tonight, I found this baby bird that must’ve fallen out of its nest.



(Yes, that’s my husband’s sock!) We tried to help it out, but ultimately took it back to the yard that had the tree hanging over the fence where I found it and the family that lives there took it in. There were many mockingbirds flying over and they hoped if they put it in their backyard, that the mom may retrieve it. I’m sure they will do the best they can for the young bird because they will not want to let their two excited little boys down.


8 thoughts on “51. When the Wind Blows (Week 26)

  1. What an intersting take on the theme! Poor thing, I hope it’s momma takes him back.

  2. Sad. What finally happened?

  3. Super photo – poor hungry little guy

  4. Poor baby. Hoping it worked out for it.

  5. Very young baby. I hope all worked out.

  6. Glad you found that baby bird! Very cool shot!

  7. Amazing! I love this shot, it is so nice!

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