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52 weeks captured through photos

38. Selfie (Week 8)


“Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly. “  ~ Anon ~


You would think if you were taking your own picture for a “selfie” that you could delete it and try again if you didn’t find it flattering.  Well, I took two as we geared up for pending rain on the Blue Ridge Parkway and didn’t have time for too many options,  but this one fits in the continuation of our August vacation, so I’m posting it “as is.”  IMG_0565


My husband and I had just spent time with family in Virginia and were now heading for Asheville.  Our plan was to take two days to get there – ride the Blue Ridge Parkway and spend time in the Smokies.  We were concerned about rain.  We stopped to put rain gear on, but I was hoping it wouldn’t last long if it did rain.  And then the drops started.


It wasn’t too bad – we seemed to weave in and out of it as we headed up the Parkway and at times it wasn’t raining at all.  We pulled off several times to enjoy the sights.



And Greg was a sport for this photo!



But do you see the fog we are about to ride into?




This was the beginning of a really bad experience.  The fog was an indication that we were up in the cloud – when we rode out of the cloud, we were then in heavy rain.




We didn’t know that this was the last time we would be able to pull off the road. From here on in we could not see where the side of the road was.  There was no way to exit, so I had to “Keep Calm and Ride On.”



My goal was to just keep Greg’s taillights in sight as we continued on the parkway. It was really difficult when he would round a curve, but we were traveling at a very low speed and I think I was in 2nd gear the whole way. As the road curved, we would be in a stretch of clouds and then a stretch of rains – then back again. This continued for over an hour. We could communicate with the headsets in our helmets and Greg encouraged me as I kept telling him it was a nightmare.

Finally we were able to leave the Parkway. The Hampton Inn that we had booked in Roanoke Virginia was only 5 miles away.  Hurray – out of the mountains and out of the rain!  I was getting my confidence back.

So this would be a good spot to end this post, right?

Sorry – there’s a little more story to tell.

As we rode into Roanoke and joined heavier traffic, I watched as the light ahead at the bottom of a hill turned from green to yellow.  Because of my momentum, I told Greg, “I’m going.”  He said, “I’m not.”  Thinking he knew better than I did, I went to brake.  My bike fishtailed, fell to the left, I slid off, and then my bike slid into his bike.  Greg’s bike went down and my bike then flipped to the other side.  A police car immediately pulled out into the intersection to stop all traffic.  He happened to be sitting in the front of oncoming traffic.  Greg and I  both stood up and walked to our bikes to survey the damage.  I think the wet roads actually spared us injuries.  The knee in my rainsuit tore, but that’s about it for me.


As for my bike, the engine guards were scraped on both sides,


the side bags were marred,


and a light was broke,


but I would say if you can walk away from this, you were pretty lucky.  Glue and paint can go a long way.  The policeman did not ask for anything from us.  He just wanted us to move our bikes off of the road.  With cars stopped in all four directions, I must tell you that the only one that helped us pick up our motorcycles was an older homeless man that had been standing on the corner.  He gathered up everything that had scattered out of my bike and helped Greg with the lifting.  He was our angel that day.

We stayed an extra day in Roanoke to decompress and have the bike checked out by an authorized mechanic.

And what did I learn from this?  Once you make a decision, commit to it.  And I’ve always said I’m a fair weather rider – I also love our Florida flatlands!

23 thoughts on “38. Selfie (Week 8)

  1. Wow you sure are lucky. I would imagine that you were sore the next day. Thank heaven the damages to y’all and the bikes were relatively minor.
    When we first got married in 1968, we lived 5 minutes off the Blue Ridge at US220 on the south side of Roanoke in the Clearbrook community. Beautiful country.

  2. Wow, that certainly was an epic adventure! And you still managed to keep taking pictures! Well done!

  3. So glad you are ok. I can’t imagine what was going through your mind as you slid. It is difficult enough in a car or truck and fishtailing as you approach an intersection. Hope the sore muscles and nerves have recovered and the bikes are ok.

    • Thank you Sue. At first I was thinking it was safer to go through it then to stop. As I was sliding, I was constantly thinking about the cars around me. And my next thought was why was my husband’s bike going down?! I hadn’t realized my bike had run into his. Afterwards, my nerves were more shattered than anything!

  4. What an adventure! Fog, rain and any type of vehicle don’t mix, you are a very lucky gal to have been able to walk away with only minor damage. 🙂 great pictures

  5. When I first started reading your post, my thoughts were about how beautiful the Blue Ridge Parkway is and I was sorry you could not enjoy it because of the rain and fog. As I read deeper, I was horrified to read about the accident. As I read even deeper, I was happy that both you and your husband were okay.

  6. You’re a braver woman than I am! Great photos and story with a good ending.

  7. I LOVE the picture of your husband with the Bald Mountain sign. Great sport!! Glad you are all ok. Your story kept me on the edge of my seat!! Be safe!

  8. I’m so glad neither one of you got hurt! Thanks for sharing your story. Don’t forget about hilly riding…….it can be lots of fun in the right weather!!!

  9. What a story! So happy you were not injured or worse. I like the moral to the story….stick to your first thought. Thanks for sharing.

  10. So glad your guardian angel was with you. You should feel blessed that it is only cosmetics.. Praying you didn’t hurt too bad the next day… Be safe! and yes that I learned as well when I was riding that once you make the commitment you beep your horn and follow through!

  11. Bald Mountain photo is really cute. Tell the hubby I think he’s a good sport for helping you out with that one. 🙂

  12. And all this began as a “Selfie”? What a saga it turned out to be. I’m with Mindy on this one…love the “Bald Mountain” man! 😉

  13. What a story! So glad you are both safe and the bikes are OK too. I do not think anyone else’s selfie can top this! Thank you for the photos and the story. I almost felt as if I was there!

  14. WOW! Great story and I am glad you survived with just minor damage to the bikes. The Parkway is one of my favorite trips. Your “Selfie” is sure a challenge to everyone.

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