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20. I Wish I Could / I’m Sorry I Did. (Week 34)


There is no honour among thieves.”  ~ American Proverb ~


The Motormaid group I’m in is having their annual Spring Fling in Sarasota this weekend.  In preparation for that I’ve made a few props I thought would go along with our Beatlemania theme.




Painting over your security sign is not a good idea. We don’t actually have a security system so I thought the burglars would not be fooled by a sign. Yesterday our house was robbed.

(Not the best photo, then again, my frame of mind isn’t the sharpest right now!)

7 thoughts on “20. I Wish I Could / I’m Sorry I Did. (Week 34)

  1. Your house was robbed yesterday? You’re joking, right? I hope so.

    • Very true. Our dog and cat were traumatized – they layed low the rest of the night once we got home. After calling deputies and insurance, we needed to put our place back in order for the Beatlemania event that same weekend at our house, and put the rest behind us for now. We have to move on, right?

    • Seriously. We have an a/c unit in a bedroom window. They removed that and came in through that room. Completely emptied a jewelry box in a closet – next to a safe, emptied another one in a drawar, rummaged through a tall jewelry chest and took all of the valuable bracelets, took a flat screen tv from the guest room, and took off with 3 laptops, 2 I-pads, 2 I-pods, and a media player. They left the refrigerator and freezer wide open – after giving the dog some hotdogs (the wrapper was on the couch). Good news is they did not realize that the tall jewelry chest had a top lid and they didn’t take the bolted flat screen tv. The bedroom was a mess, but they did not trash the rest of the house. The deputies had another call while they were at our house, and it appears that we were one of about 12 break-ins that day.

  2. Oh Marie, that is terrible…. so sorry… 😦

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