52 week's of Marie's Life

52 weeks captured through photos

3. An Expression of Love (Week 5)


Enjoy the little things in life…for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things ~ Robert Brault ~

Our garage is in the back of the house.  When we decide to ride our bikes, I typically go out the front and open the fence, while my husband goes to the back and  takes our motorcycles out of the garage. Greg usually turns it around for me, which, in itself,  is an expression of love for me.  Last time we took a ride though, I found he had put this hibiscus in my cup holder.  Awe – what a sweetie!


10 thoughts on “3. An Expression of Love (Week 5)

  1. This is a very sweet story and expression of love. Good for you both!

  2. Way to go Greg! Nice story and photo Marie

  3. Beautiful to know we are in their thoughts and they are not afraid to show it… Nice photo! And lucky girl…

  4. Think I will show this to my husband and maybe Ill get a floweron my car!!! Fantastic looking bike and so lovely and sparkly clean.

  5. I showed picture to DH and he said…”You’d kill yourself on one of those !”….sigh…Isn’t he romantic ?
    I however loved you picture and all that it captured.

    • Ah – thank you. Well, it certainly helps to have a husband that is supportive, but in case anything happens, he tells the kids it was my idea! I’m not super brave – just thought I’d push myself – like all of us here in this blog venture. I wouldn’t want you to have to use the theme “Wish I could/Sorry I di” here!

  6. What a sweet gesture! 🙂

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